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Top Tips For Leading A Global Team

Before breaking for the holiday weekend, one of the hot topics being discussed within Raise The Bar is training individuals to work with teams on a global level.

Think about it: we're all conditioned based on our upbringing. Whether you're born and raised in Chicago, Mexico City, or across the pond in London, we all have differences. And, that should be celebrated -- just like the holiday we're bringing in this weekend.

But, to celebrate differences, we have to ensure our teams are aware of those differences. So, what does it take to ensure we are aligned, respectful, and connected with a global team?

Here are 5 tips from us at Raise The Bar:

  • Cultivate Cultural Awareness: Dedicate time to educating yourself and your team on cultures represented within your workplace. Whether it be their customs, traditions, communication style, and even business etiquette. This is the beginning of avoiding any misunderstandings.

  • Be An Active Listener: Be attentive and open-minded when engaging with team members from diverse cultural backgrounds. Active listening involves not only hearing the words being spoken but also understanding the context and emotions behind them. Don't be shy to ask clarifying questions!

  • Be Clear, Concise, and Direct: Tailor your communication style to match the preferences of your colleagues while maintaining clarity. Find your balance amongst the different cultures in being respectful and getting your point across effectively.

  • Be Flexible and Adaptable: Different cultures bring different approaches to time management, work styles, and problem-solving. Adapt your workflow and deadlines to account for diverse working habits.

  • Promote Inclusive Decision-Making: Our team members' voices need to be heard and honored. Create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their perspectives, regardless of their cultural background.

BONUS TIP: If your team is global, consider offering cross-cultural training sessions. These sessions will lead to highly valuable insights, foster empathy, and strengthen team cohesion by highlighting the importance of understanding and respecting each other's cultural backgrounds.


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