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We empower organizations & managers with the tools, skills, and training to unlock the potential of their teams.

Level up your entire team and customize the bootcamp for your organization.

Upskill a key leader on your team in our 3-month intensive leadership bootcamp.

Leadership Training that Works.

"I know what I have to do to be a better leader. Raise The Bar taught me how to create the environment I need in order to make it easy to do those things."

Benno Nelson | Vice President of Business Operations at Hireology

"I've been to a lot of training and workshops before but never experienced anything like Raise The Bar. Your training style and engagement with the group was incredible and it allowed me to feel comfortable and want to get out of my comfort zone."

Charlie Schwartz | Business Development Manager at Showpad


The science behind our training.

We use the research, science, and core principles from Open, Honest, and Direct to inform how we train, coach, and develop leaders.

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Living Company Values as a Leader (a panel discussion)


How can people leaders and company leaders ensure that they are hiring for their values? What measures can be implemented to ensure that all team members are committed authentically to the company’s values? How do you maintain those values as you scale rapidly? Join us for a panel discussion webinar featuring 3 insightful and thought provoking leaders.

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