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Level Up Your Managers

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reach its full potential.

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 Customize bootcamp(s) for your organization.

For People & L&D Professionals

Upskill a key leader on your team in our open Bootcamp.

For Leaders looking to elevate their leadership game

Leadership Training That Works.

"I began holding Stay Interviews with my team, where I simply listen & give them the space to share. As a result, I'm building trust and genuine relationships with them and now understand the importance of being a people-centric leader who truly cares about her team."

Jennifer Valdez  | Director of Operations |  Lucas James Talent

Jennifer Valdez, Lucas James Talent

"I've been to a lot of training and workshops before but never experienced anything like Raise The Bar. Your training style and engagement with the group was incredible and it allowed me to feel comfortable and want to get out of my comfort zone."

Charlie Schwartz  | VP Sales  | Magnit

Charlie Schwartz, Magnit

The Science Behind Our Training.

We use the research, science, and core principles from Open, Honest, and Direct to inform how we train, coach, and develop leaders.

Open, Honest & Direct by Aaron Levy

Method Matters.

Our process for facilitating habit adoption.

Learn first


Learn the skill or tool and the science behind it during our interactive workshop(s).

Then apply your learned skills


Practice the new skill or tool in the workshop and via your homework assignments.

Reflect on what worked and didn't with a coach


Meet with your leadership coach to debrief on what worked and what could be done better to personalize your learning experience.

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Why Leadership
Training Doesn't Work

How to Transform Your Company Culture...

Why Leadership
Training Matters

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