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Upcoming Event: How to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent

Why are Millennials leaving you at such a rapid rate? What does it take to attract them? How can you keep your top talent engaged and performing once hired?

Join us for a discussion and Q&A with Millennial expert, Aaron Levy, on May 4th. Aaron will share his insights on the problem of Millennial turnover, highlight the underlying motivations driving Millennial behavior and provide strategies you can use today to attract and engage Millennials in the workplace.

Come and uncover a new perspective on how you can better attract and engage with Millennials.

1) Identify the impact of Millennial disengagement and gain insights into the Millennial mindset

2) Explore the generational differences

3) Leave with steps you can take to attract and engage Millennial talent

Get your tickets here.

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