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What can Superbosses teach us about leading millennials?

What connects with Millennials? Here are 14 tips on marketing to millennials shared from a variety of experts. Take a read.

How are millennials changing the workplace ecosystem? The CEOs of PepsiCo and Aetna share how millennials have changed their role and how they look at leading their organizations. Watch the insightful 3-min interview here.

What role are millennials playing in corporate real estate? The desire of the millennial population to work in urban areas has driven companies with traditional corporate campuses in the suburbs to ditch their acres of land for high rise corporate campuses in the city. McDonald’s is a great local example and it’s happening elsewhere around the country. Take a look.

What can Superbosses teach us about leading millennials? Sydney Finkelstein studied over 200 Superbosses, like Larry Ellison of Oracle and Ralph Lauren, to understand what they do differently with their teams. Finkelstein states in a CNN article, “Superbosses recognized that it was better to have great people for a shorter period than mediocre people over the long-term”. Read the full piece here.

Ageism is real, here’s the proof. Visier did an analysis of 330,000 employees from 43 U.S. companies which shows ageism is real. According to the numbers, non-managers over the age of 40 are more likely to receive top performance ratings as they age, mature, and gain experience. Yet, these same people in their 40’s are hired 33% less than their workforce representation. For a brief synopsis, read The Hustle’s breakdown of the report here or read the full Visier Insights report here.

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