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Want a sneak peek into Amazon’s culture?

This week you get a picture of what works for some high performing teams, like the Daily Show’s creative team, what holds teams back and how you can get your culture humming. Enjoy!

Want a sneak peek into Amazon’s culture?

In this brief interview, Amazon’s SVP of Worldwide Human Resources, shares how they approach culture, people and the challenges of having so many employees. Read the interview here.

What does psychological safety have to do with creativity? Learn about psychological safety and bursting and how each of these elements play into the creative process. In this podcast episode, Adam Grant looks at The Daily Show’s creative process of cramming in creativity on a daily timeline. Take a listen.

What impact does transparency have on team performance?

When we don’t know what’s acceptable to say or do with each other, it can make work feel like you are walking through a series of landmines. Find out how to avoid the landmines in my latest Forbes article.

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