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How do both Employee and Company Values Affect an Organization?

This week I explore how both the personal values of your employees as well as the company's values can impact an organization.

How to effectively manage employee burnout Gallup researchers Ben Wigert, Ph.D. and Sangeeta Agrawal share their research on how employee burnout is on the rise and its five main causes. A recent Gallup study found that two thirds of employees report feeling burned out at least sometimes at work, with 23% reporting experiencing it very often. And, only 60% of workers can strongly agree that they know what is expected of them at work. The takeaway - employees who strongly agree that they feel supported by their manager are about 70% less likely to experience burnout on a regular basis. Read more here. Can a company successfully impose its corporate values on employees? No more burgers for you - at least not while you are at work. WeWork is going vegetarian as part of a larger effort to reduce its environmental impact. New York Times writer David Gelles explores what happens when a company imposes its corporate values on employees. Read more here. Turning millennial talent into great leaders In this interview with Udemy's Darren Shimkus, I discuss real and workable strategies for ensuring that your organization is building true leaders at every level. Raise The Bar can help you empower your managers with the tools, skills, and habits to be better leaders. Find out more here. Cheers! Aaron

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