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How can organizations cultivate diversity in leadership?

This week I explore diversity in the workplace and how we, as managers, can cultivate talent throughout the whole organization.

Why is the number of top S&P female CEOs decreasing?

Women comprise only 4.8% CEOs of the top publicly traded companies.CEO Indra Nooyi recently announced her departure from PepsiCo, and two other female top executives recently stepped down as well, with only one new female executive being appointed. Only three times in history has another woman succeeded a departing female CEO at a public traded company. New York Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin examines the possible reasons for this decline during a time of focus on gender diversity here.

Does our "Similar to Me" bias affect how we lead?

Managers tend to build teams that are similar to themselves, according to the recently released 2018 Workplace Diversity Report by Namely. They also tend to praise colleagues of their own gender more frequently. Georgina Grant explores how this unconscious bias could hinder the development of women and minorities in the workplace in this Forbes’ article.

Finding and developing hidden talent in your organization

When a company adopts a growth mindset, one that believes that talent should be developed in every employee, the whole organization will experience transformational growth, says Vered Asif, Leadership Solutions Associate for the EMEA region with Center for Creative Leadership. Read more here.



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