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What can we learn from Google’s Project Aristotle?

This week we look at the power of vulnerability in encouraging others to be their best selves and the impact it has on team productivity.

Why do some teams perform better than others?

Psychological safety is the critical ingredient for making a team perform effectively, according to a recent study by Google. In its pursuit to discover what makes a team work better together, Google's Project Aristotle found that in the best team - it’s not the individuals within the team that matter – instead it’s the way the team members work with one another that makes the difference between a high performing vs an average/low performing team.

Want your employees to work together better? It begins at the top.

When an executive team consistently follows an agreed upon set of norms, they inspire the whole organization to adapt those norms as well. Sabina Nawaz explores how executive teams can create a set of group norms that encourage communication, healthy debate, and decrease backbiting and politics - and make sure they are implemented consistently.

Why sharing the bad along with the good creates an "all in" organization.

Often management holds adverse information close to their chest, rather than sharing both the good and bad with their employees. Being vulnerable and transparent, however, creates a transparent environment that allows employees to invest themselves fully and take ownership of the organization. I share my experience with learning why it's integral to be transparent.

Our Leadership Bootcamp returns in November.

We kicked off our first bootcamp with 10 leaders from 7 different organizations in August. Although we didn’t expect to host another cohort until 2019, we’ve experienced a surge in requests from clients that inspired us to open a cohort to start this November!

We still have some open seats for November if you want to join us or send a leader from your team.

Here’s more detail:

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