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What makes a good leader?

Last week, we kicked off the first session of our November Management Bootcamp. And as we began delving into the habits that make a leader, it begged the question: What makes a great leader, and what kind of impact does a good or bad boss have on her organization?

Six signs that you are meant to lead people A recent Randstad study on why employees quit found that 58 % of workers say that they'd stay at jobs with lower salaries if that meant working for a great boss. Though salary is important, it’s the entire employee experience that determines if an employee is happy at his job. unpacks the six top qualifications employees list of a good boss.

What makes a great company culture and why you should care When the bosses aren’t around, culture is what guides employees in the many decisions they make and how they respond to customers. Harvard Business Review examines the three C’s of company culture and three organizations that demonstrate them.

Why most managers suck It’s not your fault - only about 10% of managers have the innate skills of a leader. Managers are generally promoted because they are top performers, but that doesn’t mean they are prepared to lead or even WANT to lead. Read more in my Forbes article.

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