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Cultivating a new future of work

As we embark on a New Year and reflect on the past, it’s clear there have been drastic changes to the way we work and to the world of work as a whole. While much of those changes have moved us and the workplace forward – these same changes have also left many of us feeling isolated, depressed, and more anxious than we were 12 months ago. When you think about how much of your life you spend working or thinking about work – it begs the question: Shouldn’t work mean more than just a paycheck? We believe the future of work is a world where your work not only inspires you to give your best every day, but also pushes you to be the best version of yourself, to unlock your full potential. So today, we kick off 2021 with a discussion about how we can cultivate that future together. People need to feel part of a team Communication and collaboration is one key ingredient in building a connected team. Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor, suggests these actions you can implement to open and encourage the lines of communication between team members.

  • Real managerial leverage comes when you learn to encourage feedback between team members.

  • A system of peer recognition is an effective way to encourage feedback and create that team spirit.

Want to become a more candid leade Depression and anxiety is increasing in the US And while there are several physiological causes, studies show that there are also psychological needs that are not being met, says Johann Hari in a popular TED Talk.

  • Imbalances in the way we live and unmet needs can be a strong factor in depression.

  • When we don’t feel we have control over our job, we are more likely to be depressed.

  • Humans have a need to be a part of a tribe.

Build a culture that prioritizes your people People are the secret sauce in any organization, says Peter Lynch, Head of People & Culture at The Cardinal Group Companies, in a recent episode of The Open Honest and Direct Podcast. You must have their trust and buy-in to create a high performing, highly engaged culture. And trust is built by truly getting to know all of your people. Want to be a part of the movement to create high performing teams? We’ve got several bootcamp sessions coming up in 2021 and we’d love you to be a part of them. Cheers to 2021! Aaron


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