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How to Keep Your Team Inspired (amidst rapid growth)

It seems like you started your business a lifetime ago. You look back fondly at the years of hard work, trials and frequent failures. You were a small boat in a large ocean storm, benefiting from your ability to navigate quickly and make changes based on what you saw in front of you.

But things have changed.

Your business is in the awkward growth phase. Your boat has grown significantly to account for new team members added over the years. It’s exciting because you’ve been able to build a much bigger team and hire smart, quality people. All looks good on the surface. You’re experiencing tremendous financial growth as a company, and the hope for the future is bright. Yet it feels as if you’ve come to an inflection point. The work feels harder; the energy your team had just 12 months ago is no longer there. You look back at those uncertain years longingly because even though it wasn’t the same type of success you’ve achieved today, it seemed easier to navigate, and there was less worry. If you failed then, only a few people would be affected; now there are many others depending on you.

Moving the team forward is harder and more overwhelming than it’s ever been. Why is this happening?

Before it was easy to steer your boat and make sure everyone was on board because everyone could see the path and obstacles ahead. Now that you’ve grown to a fleet of ships, it becomes harder to ensure all see the same obstacles. Many of the new team members may not even know where you are headed or why you are going the direction you’re going. The excitement of being a part of this explosive growth has worn off for your people. They are no longer simply excited to be a part of something growing so fast. Your people are now looking for more from their work — and unlike previous moments in your company’s short history, there are no new positions to funnel them into or provide temporary excitement around. It seems like your people are losing motivation.

What can you do to inspire your team?