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How you show up matters

The future of work as we see it: a learning based organization where innovation flourishes and every team member unlocks their full potential. An environment where team members love their jobs, step outside their comfort zones, and collaborate and innovate. A place where leaders are the coaches of their people. It all begins with each one of us, leaders and team members.

1. Regular one-on-ones with each team member…

Provide a way to stay in touch, troubleshoot issues, and keep the lines of communication open.

2. Bad managers affect productivity and innovation…

As 70% of a team’s engagement depends on the manager.

3. You’re invited to a discussion on "Living Company Values as a Leader"

How can people leaders and company leaders ensure that they are hiring for their values? What measures can be implemented to ensure that all team members are committed authentically to the company’s values? How do you maintain those values as you scale rapidly?

Join our virtual discussion featuring: Dorie Blesoff | Talent Advisor and Former Chief People Officer at Relativity

Chanté Martinez Thurmond | DEIA&B Leader; Co-Founder, The Darkest Horse

Christine Schoeff | SVP of Talent & Development at FourKites

Be a part of the change!


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