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Implementing change in a VUCA world

If there’s anything that 2020 taught us, it’s that things can change rapidly and substantially. And the people and organizations that don’t stay mired in past situations or beliefs - the ones who can easily pivot and adapt - have the best opportunity to survive and thrive. Sometimes we are forced to change because of situations thrust upon us (like the pandemic). Sometimes we need to initiate and drive change in order to grow and be better. And that type of change can be so difficult; to do, to drive, and to survive it.

1. Kim Scott shares what gets in the way of being able to Just Work...

And what inspired her to write her new book.

2. A VUCA world requires nimble teams that can quickly respond to challenges…

Amy Edmondson talks about how to create an environment where these teams flourish.

3. Join our upcoming Panel Discussion on change…

I’m beyond excited to host a Dream Team panel to discuss what it takes to change, whether it’s individual change, driving change in an organization, or being part of systemic change. Can it get any better than Amy Edmondson and Kim Scott?

Make sure to register even if you cannot attend the live session - we will be sending out a recording afterwards. And feel free to email me any questions you may have on this subject for Amy & Kim! Be curious! Aaron


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