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Managing up, down & sideways

We’ve hit a huge milestone here at Raise The Bar and you are a big part of it! We are thrilled to announce that we’ve officially trained over 500 leaders through our Team Training & Management Bootcamps and the synergy continues to build. We’ve got one more session coming up in 2021, beginning in late September. Do you or a member of your team want to be a more effective leader? Read more here.

Today, we take a deep dive into how to best set yourself and your team up for success in working together.

1. Difficult team members and bosses…

Can greatly affect productivity and mental health. Adam Grant advises how to best deal with a**holes in the workplace.

2. Managing up isn’t just for those with bad managers...

It helps you set both you and your manager up for the greatest chance of success.

3. Want a team that works together well?

This handy tool can help inform you and your team members of each member’s working and learning style and personal preferences. Cheers! Aaron


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