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Our Remote Work Journey

For many of us, we are now into week two of our remote work journey. Last week, for me at least, was a tough one, balancing work, the uncertainty of the future, and feeling like I should be spending more time with my wife since I’m home all day. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t do a great job in my first fully remote week, so I made a list of tips for you (and myself) to work on this week.

  1. Do one thing to make your current workspace feel more inviting.

  2. Get off slack and email and make more time for FaceTime with your people. Here are a few tips to focus on in your check-ins.

  3. Don’t cancel team meetings or planned outings; instead, do them virtually and get creative. Here are a few suggestions.

  4. Practice being a little bit more vulnerable this week. A little vulnerability goes a long way; trust me! Ok, if you don’t trust me, read this.

  5. Have some fun! If you need some help, watch this.

During this time, our focus as a team is on how we can best support our clients, friends, and family (that’s you!) through this transition to remote work. Whether it’s a virtual coffee, book/podcast recommendations, or a laugh, we are here. So don’t be shy.


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