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When Shaniqua Davis was searching for a new position after being laid off, she wasn’t receiving the amount of interest that she believed she was qualified for. A mentor of hers, the head of a large Chicago corporation, suggested she try changing her name on her resume to Shawn; lo and behold, the interest in Shawn Davis was significantly greater. Thus Noirefy was born as a solution to address the bias she had encountered. Noirefy’s mission is to help level the playing field of what the workforce looks like to ultimately create a more diverse and open culture.

Here are my three big takeaways from the conversation:

  1. Noirefy helps companies address these changes on a systemic level.

  2. Diversity isn’t just a number but it’s also about creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone to work with each other..

  3. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace requires a long term commitment; it’s not just about checking the boxes.

So much wisdom and nuggets in this episode – Enjoy!



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Shaniqua: How do we get around this bias to where we start accepting things that are different than what the majority expect us to look like. And I couldn’t find a solution then. So that’s where Noirefy came in. And luckily, I would say we’ve been able to grow to a point where the companies that are working with us they’re looking beyond things like that.

I’m Aaron Levy. And I have this crazy vision of a workplace where your manager doesn’t suck where instead of being the reason you quit, your job is actually the reason you stay, where your manager is your coach helping you to reach your full potential at work. I found it Raise The Bar, wrote Open, Honest and Direct, and started this podcast to help companies transform their workplace by creating an environment where both the company and employee succeeds in this podcast, I get to interview leaders who built high-performing teams and learn from them on what it takes to unlock a team’s potential.

Aaron: I’m lucky to have Shaniqua Davis, the founder and CEO of Noirefy, a diversity advancement platform that connects diverse professionals with high growth companies. Shaniqua started the company because she didn’t find a comfortable, safe place that she could work. And she didn’t find a solution that could help her find that good place to work.

So she started Noirefy. in this episode, you’ll hear more about Shaniqua’s story, how and why she started Noirefy and the impact that they’re having in the workplace. Take a listen. I know you’ll enjoy.

Welcome Shaniqua. It’s a pleasure to have you on the podcast and thank you for agreeing to have this conversation and share it with others.

Shaniqua:I’m so excited to be here. Thank you for having me.

Aaron: So I think the first thing that I’d love to know is a little more about Noirefy and what do you do? What does the company do? And then why did you go about starting this business?

Shaniqua: [ Yeah. we serve as a diversity tech solution to high growth startups. All the way up to, I would say mid-size not quite at the fortune 500 stage yet, but right before this stage. So middle market businesses who are looking to expand and develop their overall diversity and recruitment goals. So what that looks like for us is we come in and we kind of evaluate where corporations are in their diversity practices. So if they need talent acquisition help, we come up with an overall strategy to help them attract and retain diverse talent.<