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The good, bad, and ugly of leadership

To be a great leader, we must examine everything that we do. Because we’re often not aware of the small yet harmful actions that hold team members back from being their best. Assuming a team member doesn’t need help because they haven’t come to you directly; not giving bad feedback because it makes you uncomfortable; and not taking time to discover your team members’ development goals are just a few of the small misses we see often with leaders. Here’s a few tips to avoid these common mistakes... 1. Beware of complacency even with your top performers, as it leads to stagnation as a leader. 2. Our preconceptions hold us back from growth. Tony Salvador shares how to combat preconceptions in his TED talk. 3. Why a leadership training course doesn't help your managers to become better leaders.

A workshop for People Leaders... on Why Leadership Training Doesn’t Work We’ll talk about why leadership training doesn’t work, go over a model of leadership training that does work, and give you a roadmap for equipping your leaders with the most essential leadership skills for business & team performance.

Cheers, Aaron


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