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Who is your inspiration?

Have you had a great leader who has had a profound impact on your life? Chances are, you’ve had plenty of bad managers. Ones who micromanage every little thing you do; give you projects with no real direction or purpose, leaving you unsure about how to move forward. Ones who are transactional and worry only about their own success. There's many examples of managers who make our jobs miserable. But there's also a lot of great leaders who have inspired us. Ones who are leaders and also fight and get down into the battle with their team members. How inspirational is a leader like Volodymyr Zelensky, for example? He’s inspiring loyalty amongst his people. As Adam Grant says, we follow the leaders who fight for us—and we make sacrifices for the leaders who serve us. As a leader, you have responsibilities and opportunities. The opportunity to be a coach and leader vs a task manager. To help all your team members grow and unlock their potential, and to create and live a shared purpose. A leader who helps cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. It’s time to renew your purpose. What type of leader do you aspire to be? Listen: Leaders need to modulate their emotions because with every single action and nonverbal communication, you are establishing (or breaking) trust with your team, advises Winnie Park, CEO of Forever 21, in a recent podcast episode. Read: In today’s uncertain, rapidly changing, disruptive world, leaders must make the shift from task managers to coaches of their people, says the Harvard Business Review. Discover: How do you become a better leader? Start here. Cheers! Aaron


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