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Why Teams Don't Work

The synergy of a group of people working together can uncover new groundbreaking ideas and solve difficult, complex problems. Teams allow us to collaborate and combine our skills. And in today’s world, staid and established teams aren’t always the answer to solving complex problems. Instead, it’s important to facilitate flexible, agile teams. How can you best encourage an environment that encourages teamwork, where all members feel free to contribute and brainstorm freely? "It's awfully hard to team if you inadvertently see others as competitors," says Amy Edmondson.

  1. When a team member makes a mistake a manager should do this.

  2. Treat your team with compassion and support in bad times, says PJ Bouten, Co-Founder & CEO of Showpad.

  3. Teaming requires a special mindset; Amy Edmondson shares in her TEDx talk.

FYI – we are going to have Amy on our Live Podcast next week!!!

RSVP Yes you heard me right - Amy Edmondson, the pioneer behind psychological safety, the famous author, researcher and TED speaker, will be joining me on our very FIRST live episode of The Open Honest and Direct Podcast! RSVP NOW!

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